Welcome New Residents!

Welcome New Lakelands Neighbor!

So you've recently moved into the Lakelands Community


Of course, we feel you've made the right choice.  Here are a few tips to get you started and quickly get the most of what Lakelands has to offer.  

If you have any other questions, just ask us and we'll get you answers

Glad you could join us!  

Stop by the Clubhouse and meet Michele Kennedy, Community Manager  and Gina Dropik, Director of Communication and Administration, They will get you your Facilities Access Cards and a Welcome Bag.  

Request a website login on the home page of this website.  There are areas of the website reserved only for residents, including our message board, photos and governance areas, plus you get signed up for our email updates that come out regularly. 

"Like" us on our Facebook page to keep up on the constant stream of activity in and around Lakelands.  If you aren't involved with Facebook, you can see the stream on the front of our website, and on the "what's new" page once logged in.   You can also find out where your neighbors will be by checking out the events page. 

You're probably getting to know the area pretty quickly, but check out our neighborhood map for an easy way to find the nearest gas station, groceries and other useful info.   Likewise, you can virtually tour our Lakelands property amenities here.  But your best bet is to do what we all do - we get out of our houses and go visit these places.  

If you'd like to know about the Lakelands governance or (better yet) get involved in your community, please visit our Board of Directors page and our Committee pages once you have a website login.   There is a small army of dedicated volunteers that help make life in the Lakelands the best it can be - and they're always welcoming to new folks who'd like to be a part of the effort.  

To keep up on the news, check out the latest issue of our monthly newspaper, the Lakelands Leader.  best of all - the next issue will be delivered to your mailbox for free!

Of course, we have basic information like trash pickup and pool hours right here.  Take a quick look and you'll start on the right foot.

Most importantly - step outside.  The key feature of Lakelands is the true community that happens every time we meet on the sidewalks, in the alleys, on the streets.  Stop and introduce yourself...if we haven't already introduced ourselves. 
Again, welcome.  We look forward to meeting you! 


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